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    Petrie School of Music
    Graduate Audition Events

    We will unlock your full potential and get you the experience you need to take the world by storm.
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    Petrie School of Music

    Please prepare your audition carefully, following the guidelines listed below. Vocalists must sing with piano accompaniment. Non-keyboard instrumentalists performing pieces written or arranged with piano accompaniment should audition with an accompanist. 


    Five contrasting selections, including one song or aria in Italian, one English or American art song or aria, one song or aria in French, one song or aria in German, and one other song or aria in any language. Memorization is required, except for oratorio selection.

    Piano: Three contrasting works from the Baroque, Classic, Romantic, Impressionist or 20th century style periods. Memorization is required.

    Strings: Three contrasting works from the Baroque, Classic, Romantic or 20th century style periods. A movement of a larger work may be considered as one composition. Memorization is required for violin, viola and cello. Memorization is not required for double bass students.

    Harp: Three works in contrasting styles from the standard repertoire. Orchestral excerpts are also acceptable. Memorization is not required.

    Guitar: Three works in contrasting styles to be chosen from solo literature and/or etudes. Auditioning guitarists should demonstrate a degree of technical fluency and musical awareness appropriate to the level of audition literature. Memorization is not required.

    Woodwinds and Brass: Three works (one lyrical and one technical) of contrasting style periods from the standard repertoire, including movements of sonatas or concerti, solo pieces and longer etudes. Memorization is not required.

    Percussion: Performance in all three of the following areas is required: snare drum (two prepared solos); timpani; marimba (two solos in contrasting styles). Percussionists should provide their own sticks and mallets. Memorization is not required.

    Undergraduate Requirements


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